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Shree Nandan Courier Limited has over 30 years of experience as the originator of Courier services. It provides a range of services to meet customers' specific needs in terms of consignment, expedited delivery and delivery locations.

Express Service

Shree Nandan Courier facilitates the guaranteed and timed delivery of documents and small parcels

Domestic Freight Service

Shree Nandan Courier Limited used to transport heavy cargo by air and land. These involve special vehicles, material handling equipment and specialized labor.

Shree Nandan Courier's Core Focus

Shree Nandan Courier commits to serving all segmented customers with high efficiency and competitive costs. It delicates to constantly meet customers' changing needs and strongly motivate its employees to maintain service quality.

Shree Nandan Courier's Restricted or Prohibited Goods List

  • Liquid, semi-liquid, and gas
  • currency
  • Indian postal items and all items that violate the Indian Postal Act of 1898
  • Precious and semi-precious stones, precious stones, jewelry, and equivalent items
  • Perishable items
  • emissive or magnetic material
  • Negotiable bills (in bearer form)
  • Pornographic material
  • Firearms, explosives, and military equipment
  • Flammable
  • Toxic and infectious materials
  • Corrosive substance
  • Powders and chemicals
  • drug
  • Mechanical parts containing oil, grease, fuel, or batteries
  • dangerous item

According to IATA's definition, goods with potentially hazardous characteristics are considered dangerous goods. The list of these commodities is as follows:

  • Explosive
  • lithium battery
  • Corrosive substance
  • emissive material
  • Flammable liquids
  • gas
  • Toxic and infectious substances
  • Oxidizing agents and organic peroxides
  • Flammable solid
  • Empty cylinder
  • Others such as magnets-danger to aircraft equipment

Volume and Weight

The volume weight is a unit for determining a shipment's density. This unit is widely used in the delivery industry. When a project has a low viscosity, it takes up more space than a high-density project. 

The transportation cost depends on the size of the space occupied by the goods, rather than their actual weight. Volumetric weight, also called volumetric weight, measures the area that the cargo may occupy. Shree Nandan Courier calculates weight by the following method:

Calculation method: It measures the volume and weight of the cargo in kilograms. It is its total cubic centimeters. That is, length x breadth x height divided by 5000.

Widespread Network with Seamless Integration

SHREE NANDAN Courier operates in 20 States across India, with 20 regional offices, 600 branches and 650 offices. This makes Shree Nandan Courier Limited one of the best delivery service providers with the most extensive network in the country.

More importantly, it owns a fleet of cargo vehicles that facilitates seamless integration between the collection and delivery centers. Also, it helps the company to offer a price to value proposition to all categories of customers.

How to track Shree Nandan courier?

Agogopost provides Nandan Courier package tracking services with global users. To track your Nandan tracking status, please enter your tracking number into the parcel tracking search engine.

The Agogopost courier tracking system will track and trace the delivery status from all of the Shree Nandan Courier Services. It will return the Shree Nandan Courier tracking status check information to you.

This service can help you get the latest Shree Nandan Courier tracking parcel information without their local staff's customer service.