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How to track my international parcel?
Before tracking a transnational parcel, you need to know which international shipping company processes and collects your parcel, which local postal or Carrier forwarded by the international shipping company, and you need to obtain the tracking number given by the Carrier. Enter the tracking number in AgogoPost, you will get the current parcel transportation status and location, as well as the time node of the Carrier processing your parcel. You can also get the link to the official website of the Carrier responsible for shipping the parcel, ensuring that you get the latest logistics information instantly.
How to track my parcel?
You only need to enter the tracking number in AgogoPost and click the query button, we will intelligently identify the Carrier to which the tracking number belongs through big data, and provide the logistics information.
Why is my tracking number invalid?
1. Please check if the tracking number is correct. 2. Please check if the Carrier is correct, the result is based on the intelligent identification, you can select the Carrier manually. 3. Please make sure you entered the correct tracking number and selected the correct Carrier. Tracking events usually appear 24-48 hours after receiving the tracking number. If your tracking information is not working, please check on the official website of the Carrier. Download the AgogoPost mobile app, you can check your package anytime and anywhere.
What carriers does AgogoPost support?
We support more than 1,000 courier companies and transporters around the world. The local Carrier in India and Indonesia are continuing to add. If you have a Carrier that needs support, please contact us.